Be One Of The Amateur Players And Face The Challenge To Retain Your Position In ESEA Rank G

Rank G in ESEA league (online esports video game) is the concluding step for part-time players to get spotted in the Rank S. Now, Players who’re in the Rank G deserve unique means in forming a queue against other members of Rank G in a spirited 10-man setting. All Teams, as well as maps, are chosen by the captains founded on those who are in a queue, and each month the top player will get marked in the Rank S and enter into competition for acquiring the share of an amount $312,000 prize pool connected to rank G worldwide.

Members of Rank G or esea rank g gain a promotion directly to Rank S and it’s a yearly based endorsement. Furthermore, they undergo a demotion on a periodical basis (monthly) whenever they slip to give the expected performance. Members of Rank A+ also gets a promotion to Rank G on a twice a week.

What is to be watched

Certain things are there which should be given attention to and these are as follows:

  • Club announcements
  • Club queue timings
  • Recent matches

How to qualify for Plan G

Each 2nd Friday at dot 7 pm the best and unsurpassed 50A+ users are incorporated to an A+ elite club or better known as the Rank-G qualifier. Among the players who’re not yet inserted in the Rank G and have played no less than 2 matches and are currently either in an advanced competition or in Mountain Dew League will too receive an invitation from the exclusive qualifier.

The competition will begin at 2 pm and will last up to 10 pm per the regional time right on Weekends (i.e. Saturday and Sunday). The 2 players who will emerge as unexcelled ones at the match end will be attached to esea rank g. Again, suppose there is a tie in the score of the two, then the competitor who will score the top percentage is to be chosen.

Obtaining as well as remaining in Rank G is tricky and is of course a challenging task So, be cautious while playing because 10 players receive demotion from Rank G every month based on potential and ranking conduct.